3 Tips for Cold Market Prospecting

http://www.talljeff.com/cold-market-prospecting So you wanna do more cold market prospecting? As a home business professional, you will venture into cold market prospecting to fill your lead pipeline, here’s 3 tips to help you be successful…

Talking to people you already know, friends and family, etc. will only go so far. That said, you should always be building new relationships and circling back to previous contacts as situations in people’s lives do change. Heck, if the person who introduced me to network marketing was a day earlier (prior to my downsizing from Corporate America), I doubt I would have even looked! So know timing as a lot to do with it.

Cold Market Prospecting: Do I Have To Jeff?

Yes, you do! But it is not hard when you know it’s a sorting process. And here’s another cold market prospecting tip, they are COLD MARKET lol. You will more than likely never speak to them again, so who cares! To this day I pick up the phone and call realtors, some are interested, some are not… They don’t know me. I simply sort.

Know that success in network marketing is largely a numbers game. The more people who SEE your business, product, presentation, etc. will determine your WIN! It just comes down to numbers. Show me the guy or gal who exposed more people to their business presentation and 99.9% of the time they will come out on top…

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