Advanced Facebook Marketing. How we get traffic, leads and sales.

+Chris Smith and +Jimmy Mackin are advanced Facebook marketers.

They’ve generated 1 million+ page views, 100,000+ leads and 1,000′s of sales (worth millions of dollars) using Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Power Editor, Facebook Boosted Posts, Facebook Messages, Facebook Retargeting, Facebook Insights, Facebook Events, Facebook Dark Posts and Facebook Profiles. 

They currently manage nearly $3 million a year in Facebook Ads for themselves and their real estate customers at Curaytor. 

During this live event they will walk you through Advanced Facebook Marketing techniques and case studies that you can put to use immediately!

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  1. Memorable Moments Photography, 23 November, 2015

    Good information especially for a newbie but difficult to watch because Chris wouldn't let Jimmy get a word in. I have no doubt Chris knows his business but I'm sure Jimmy knows his as well. I would have liked to hear Jimmy's views more. After all it was not the Chris Smith show.

  2. jozett cox, 23 November, 2015

    you have inspired me. I am so glad i happen to stumble upon you. I have a cpr business and today i implemented the 3- 3 technique. im watching ur video over n over.

  3. yannick stoot, 23 November, 2015

    So many tips and tricks! Very helpful!

  4. Kris Model, 23 November, 2015

    you can help me to help yourself

  5. Tony Kyler, 23 November, 2015

    thanks great info..

  6. søren larsen, 23 November, 2015

    Facebook ads is history, 70 % of all people in the world have blocker software.
    They will never ever see them anymore. The same is for youtube and all websites online.

  7. Kyle Oetjens, 23 November, 2015

    Insanely Insightful! Thank you.

  8. Easy earning method, 23 November, 2015

    Hi, this is nice video.and you know Facebook is the greatest way for internate marketing and there have an especial tools for Facebook marketing you can try it. click my name.

  9. After Cancer Toolkit, 23 November, 2015

    So many helpful tips! Thank you for sharing. In case I'm missing a trick, is it possible to join groups via your charity / business page? Thanks again!

  10. Joe Janus, 23 November, 2015

    Great info guys!

  11. Will Rahill, 23 November, 2015

    Excellent show with great information. I'm a huge fan and I love how you guys always come from contribution. In my opinion that is the key to your success.

  12. Nicole Kesten, 23 November, 2015

    Thank you so much!!  Learned a lot from you two… not only did I laugh my ass of at you two, my hand hurts from note taking.  Thank so much!

  13. Pete Sabine, 23 November, 2015

    Great insightful facebook marketing information!

  14. Charlie Hice, 23 November, 2015

    Ok, I dont get this. Because you shouldnt just be using content for the sake of "shock and awe" should you? That content should still be relative to your topic. I mean, unless your business is based solely on driving traffic for the sake of traffic, how does this help you? You need to have a more developed plan dont you?

  15. Guillermo Sorzano, 23 November, 2015

    Very nice of you both to share such valuable information. I enjoyed the full video.

  16. Loh Sidney, 23 November, 2015

    Good teach

  17., 23 November, 2015

    I would want you to do advanced youtube marketing

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