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Educating on toxic chemicals in personal care and cleaning products, offering wide range of quality organic products free of harmful chemicals for humans and environment, and an important business opportunity.

To educate consumers about hazardous chemicals and toxins in the personal care and cleaning products they use on a daily basis as well as provide a non-toxic alternative and an amazing business opportunity.

Company Overview
Full line of skin care, cosmetics, hair care, baby care, sun care, pet care, scents, candles, bug spray and home cleaning products that are organic, natural and non toxic. A rare business opportunity for independent consultant of Ava’s products.

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  1. His name was Rocco, 13 September, 2016

    The rich keep on getting richer. Her mom helped her out with this adventure. She certainly didn't come up with this herself and who put down the money necessary to start the business, huh??

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