AVON Representative Lynette Shares How To Use The Sample Pack Approach For Your Avon Business

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Here Is A Little Bit Of My Story……
I was introduced to network marketing in 1999 after meeting my husband, Gary. Our first meeting was a hilarious one. We first met at the Copacabana, an infamous nightclub in New York City. When Gary first approached me, he gave me his business card trying to prospect me for his business. Even though I did not give him my number, I called him back and we set up a meeting a couple of days later where he picked me up after work. I worked for a busy shoe store in the fashion district of New York City and I was totally wiped out from a long day at work. He asked me if I would mind going over to his office. I agreed. We headed to a busy office, where I sat in a room with about twenty other people. We sat through a business presentation for a company I had never heard of. When it was over, I was kind of drawn back because I had never before heard of the type of information that was presented. That is when I realized that there had to be something more out there for me.

Here I was, a 22-year-old, single mother of one at the time. I was going to college full time and working a full-time job. I felt as if I were going nowhere fast. Gary invited me to a Saturday event and we drove a couple of hours to get there. I could not understand why this event was going to be so long. Sitting at the day-long training, I kept wondering what I was doing there. Everything changed for me when a couple went on stage to address the audience. The wife explained how the company had changed their lives so much and how she could stay home with her children without having to work a full-time job. I realized then that I was killing myself working and going to college full time—and for what? I was missing my son’s first years of life because I had no time off. I was heading down a path that had not worked for either of my parents.

I finally decided to join my husband, Gary to work together in our current company to help change our family and other family’s destiny for generations to come!!

The topics and teachings of this blog comes from what we’ve learned from our experience of over 16 years in network marketing. We have used these same techniques when we first joined our current company in 2008 and after just 3 years in the company we made the highest level in leadership. Each year since joining our current company, we have both DOUBLED our team and income EACH YEAR!!!
Because of our successes in our current company, we’ve been asked to speak at Leadership events throughout the United States plus enjoy trips we’ve earned trips to places such as Orlando, Florida, an Alaskan cruise, New Orleans and most recently Oahu, Hawaii. We are also published co-authors of the book “A View From The Top” and have created several resources for men and women who are looking to also create a successful work from home which can be found in the My Products tab of http://www.LynetteBledsoe.com

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  1. Carolyn Sands, 29 April, 2016

    Thanks for the very helpful info.

  2. becky sand, 29 April, 2016

    Thank You ! you did a great job!!! love the tips

  3. Missy P., 29 April, 2016

    Great Video!!  I am so motivated!!

  4. miakrulz, 29 April, 2016

    Those are the same bags I posted on the leadership site ;) The toss worked great for me.

  5. Lynette Bledsoe, 29 April, 2016

    Check It Out!!! Watch This If You Would Like Some Tips On How To Use The Sample Pack Approach For Your AVON Business?!!!! See You All At The Top & Remember, "LIKE" if you love it, TAG YOUR TEAM by shouting them out below, and "SHARE" on your team pages, SUBSCRIBE to my new website to keep getting more!!!!! #sellavononline #sellavon #avon #becomeanavonrep #workfromhome #wahm #directsales #avoncareers #avonmakeup #avoncustomerservice #avonphonenumber #whatisavon #howtosellonline

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