Black Belt Recruiting- Attraction Marketing and Network Marketing Tips

One of the biggest keys to success in your MLM or network marketing business is how effective you are as a recruiter. The more you practice, and the more people you talk to, the more you can become a black belt when recruiting.

Being a black belt in recruiting means you are attracting the right people to your business, you are laser focused on the type of person you want to bring into your business and you are highly skilled at prospecting, interviewing and closing sales.

This video will show you extremely helpful tips on how you can be a black belt recruiter for your business. Network marketing tips that you can use in your business today. It comes down to attraction marketing. If you cannot attract people to you, you will not grow your business.

It’s much easier to “attract” people TO you, rather than you chasing after people to get into your business. If you want to shortcut the process to becoming a black belt in recruiting, then take advice from leaders, like Mike Dillard, who’s known as the Father of Attraction Marketing, who’ve gone before you and have had the success you are looking for. The video here and the full article on my blog will show you how to do that.
For more details on exactly what Black Belt Recruiting is, and to see how I was able to turn my recruiting around, check this out:

For my full article, go to:

Sarah Bailey

  1., 13 December, 2016

    Thanks I will share this with my peers great video

  2., 13 December, 2016

    Thanks great video I will be sharing this with my peers

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  4. ashley newman, 13 December, 2016

    love it sarah, as always great tips that work and get me more raselts

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