‘Golden Voice’ homeless man finds job, home after viral video success

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Ted Williams, a homeless US man with a deep, refined voice has become an overnight online sensation after being “discovered” by a local reporter on a street …


Carl Lee says:

What happened to this guy? 

TheKinetic9 says:

1:02 I prayed and prayed… WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? 

Handsome_Hero says:

Blacks in America have true soul … the white devil hath oppressed the
blackman, but will never destroy that eternal soul!

jonno.vip says:

how many times do people have to pray and it not work, before they
think…. yes there is no god!!!!

Steven Wright says:

Golden voice and Golden teeth his teeth have enough butter to make butter

Reese Echols says:

To all who think Ted Williams is not clean, he actually is! He hasn’t had
any drugs or alcohol in like two years. And the reason that I know this is
because I am Ted Williams nephew. He is the most kind and loving man in the
world. My entire life he has been one of my heroes next to Jesus, my
parents and Michael Jackson! He is the best uncle in the world! 

Dave O'Connor says:

Love this!

Ryan Rouse says:

I’m not 92….i’m 90…. lol 

James Ryen says:

Is this man eat radio?

Life1sBoring says:

Golden voice is not the only golden thing this guy has.

EarlKrempe says:

His unique voice is in direct contrast to his haggard face.

Ivan Topor says:

пиздит как по телеку

Bill Rawthee says:

True. That voice is jarring.

Jonathon Wilson says:

This guy is a god

Luching Sorokhaibam says:

What is written on his signboard? Can anyone tell?

comey2610 says:

Awesome voice.

Earl Green says:

I suspect that Malchiah, who worked on the dung gate in the Jerusalem wall
project, had one of the least desirable and honourable of the necessary
tasks and probably the front gate workers had most of the attention. Still
nothing done for God will go unrewarded or on noticed, especially when men
disregard it. Do your part of the work in God’s kingdom, when Jesus returns
you will rejoice much.

Jeremy Koenig says:

I LOVE YOU homeless man

Yaqoub Esmaeel says:

Morgan is better

differentandalike says:

Inspirational story. With a famous baseball name, Obama looks and a James
Earl Jones voice, I can only wish him all the best.

Romario Max says:

Damn, this is amazing. Why is America wasting all this talent? fly these
person to some small islands to be millionaires since you Americans have no
use for them.

PAXperMortem says:

Man, back then RT wasn’t an anti-Western propaganda machine.

boildpeanuts says:

Thumbs up if Morgan Freeman brought you here!

Ali Axmedov says:

Brother Obama

demongaming8 says:

Obama in 20 years

Giggidy Pop says:

This video strikes me as a ‘leik dis if u crey erry tim’ kind of video.

Cody Miller says:

Hey hope this guy actually found something perm. and stays off the drugs
thats a pretty wicked voice he has

Tuấn Vũ says:

wow awesome!! 

Gatis Balodis says:


Kellie Search says:

I think Morgan Freemans Voice is kinda better

Torrian Wilson says:

I’ll pray for you

Carmencita Portillo says:

Holy God!!

John Bilkey says:

Whoa! Awesome!

ellis smith says:

I ain’t 92! I’m 90 lol 

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