Ken Lee or Without you by Mariah Carey (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Learn how to Make Money online: A contestant in the second season of the Bulgarian show “Music Idol” performs Mariah Carey’s song “Without you” in fake English….

  1. Ken Lee, 03 March, 2015

    I am flattered that she is singing this song of love to me.

    But so sorry, it’s not meant to be, Valentina.

  2. PauseForGames, 03 March, 2015

    Have been singing Ken Lee all week. Have almost forgotten words to the

  3. Serafini Gaunt, 03 March, 2015

    Press 6 and 8 repeatedly – German Siren

  4. Gorky Duque, 03 March, 2015

    i love how confident she is when she remarks that the name of the song is
    ken lee XD

  5. Prince Vegeta, 03 March, 2015

    0:10 her face is like “yes, im singing ken lee” so proud and shit. HAHHAHA

  6. Patacorow, 03 March, 2015

    ilike this ;))))

  7. Athene Kasabi, 03 March, 2015

    This is DEFIANTLY English :’) 

  8. David Ying, 03 March, 2015

    “Don’t you mean without you”? “No” I love that. So definite

  9. plitas, 03 March, 2015

    “Tulibu dibu douchoo”, now there’s something romantic to write on a post-it
    for my wife o.O

  10. OrangeXenon54, 03 March, 2015

    Key to acing an audition: show up in a matronly prom dress.

  11. Zyrillex, 03 March, 2015

    it’s like you like kpop but you don’t know how to sing
    like one

  12. reymysteriodd, 03 March, 2015

    Not my proudest boner.

  13. Ole Toudal Pedersen, 03 March, 2015

    Mariah Carey’s version is also only a cover. The original is by Harry
    Nilsson from 1971 and is by far the best of those versions :-)

  14. Marta Gonçalves, 03 March, 2015

    Esta é outra.. Hhehehehe

  15. Jacquelline K. K., 03 March, 2015

    Кен лииии тали ба даучууу :ДД

  16. HitStep08, 03 March, 2015

    This song scarred me… to the point where I can’t listen to the original
    without laughing LOLLL 

  17. Виктор Великов, 03 March, 2015

    я ми харесайте коментара да си мислят че съм казал нещо умно – кен лиииии

  18. bryant koh, 03 March, 2015

    But still better than justin bieber

  19. lampuiho, 03 March, 2015

    I can’t live any more after listening to this song. My ears bled too hard
    and my stomach exploded when I burst out my laughter.

  20. Mad9977, 03 March, 2015

    “tulibu dibu douchoo” everytime it brightens up my day, just epic =D

  21. FairyTale, 03 March, 2015

    I could forgive her if she had a nice voice, unfortunately she didn’t have
    a talent in singing and language learning.

  22. Trikki_det, 03 March, 2015

    I think she did a good job with translating.

  23. goldenthroat86, 03 March, 2015


  24. poshboy111, 03 March, 2015

    I’m sure Harry Nilsson feels the same way about the Mariah Carey version

  25. Hayley Jeffs, 03 March, 2015

    I feel so sorry for her. I hope she took it well when she (hopefully)
    realised that that is not English, but more like simlish. Maybe she should
    do songs for The Sims?

  26. Bear Uses Right, 03 March, 2015

    kind of a song considering she is saying gibberish

  27. OtakuDee, 03 March, 2015

    What I think when teen girls sing Jpop songs.

  28. Fatbeautyx, 03 March, 2015


    This will actually make your morning. I promise.

  29. Михаил Рожков, 03 March, 2015

    чето меня больше Киркоров улыбнул

  30. Falcor Stairmaster, 03 March, 2015

    *Ken Leeeeeeeee tulibu dibu douchoo* Like if you had felt atleast just
    onetime in your lifetime

  31. yorkie lover, 03 March, 2015

    She is talented. But if she just learned English she would be famous 

  32. Elvar Masson, 03 March, 2015

    Can´t believe this was a hit for the late Harry Nilsson and also for Mariah
    Carey This is the (s)hit !! (o:þ

  33. whoisit203, 03 March, 2015

    This is still funny 

  34. mao dsi, 03 March, 2015

    Lol she got famous bc she’s too funny so the audience liked her

  35. DAVID VALLE, 03 March, 2015

    ken leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so much beauty :’)

  36. Sharlana Beharry, 03 March, 2015

    OMG LMAO Hilarious
    Ken Lee or Without you by Mariah Carey (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):

  37. Linda Dusky, 03 March, 2015

    Without You is not Mariah Carey’s song, (altho she did sing it,) but it was
    written and originally sung by Harry Nilssen. 

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