MLM Prospecting Tips How To Make Money Even If Your Prospects Say No

These MLM Prospecting tips will make you money from NOs

These prospecting tips will show you what to do to prospects that say No to your opportunity.

The reality in MLM prospecting is that you will get more Nos than Yeses . So how do you make money from those that tell you no.

Except you are a million dollar earner with a lot of influence and respect, the very good network marketer sign up 20-30% of their prospects.

If you are building your network marketing online, you can easily monetize your prospects that say no to your opportunity.

You do this by showing them a marketing system that will help with their online lead generation. You get some commissions if they sign up.

Check out the marketing system that i use here

Prospecting tips to help you monetize your NOs

There are other ways you can also monetize your NOs. Even if your prospects do not have lead generation needs, you can still make money.

These prospecting tips will show you how to do this.

In network marketing we are paid based on volume we generate in our business.

So how can you generate more volume form people that say no to you.

Video on prospecting tips to get more from your NOs

In the video below, i share how to generate more volume from prospects that say NO by collecting a second decision.

There is also a another thing to do to make the most of every prospects that say No.

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