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MLM Recruiting
1. What’s In It For Them – No matter how excited you are and how much you believe in your business plan and products, the person you are facing has only one thing in mind, and that is “what’s in it for me?”. This way of thinking is totally understandable, therefore you must keep it in mind. Do not talk about how great YOU think your business plan is because they really don’t care.

2. Use Their First Name – When you are answering any questions that your prospects are asking, make sure you use their first name since it makes it more personal. It shows them a sign of respect and friendship which always has a positive effect.

3. Use Questions Frequently – Asking questions on a regular basis when you are face to face with a prospect helps you in many ways whilst MLM recruiting. First of all it will stop the prospect in asking you too many questions. Being asked questions is not a bad thing, but in your answers you might trigger off something that has a negative effect towards your prospect, without even wanting too and even if you are 100% truthful.

A second reason why asking questions can be helpful is because if you ask the right questions you will paint pictures in your prospects mind which are emotional and can be very powerful. Questions like “If you had financial freedom how much more time would you have to spend with your family? Or if you had an extra $1000 coming your way every month, how would it change your life? How many trips and different countries would you go and visit?

4. Take A Team Member With You – This is something that I was doing wrong in the beginning of my MLM career when I was MLM recruiting. I used to think “how hard is it to press play on my laptop, let the video run, and answer any questions at the end”? The answer was that it was very easy, however I was giving the impression to my prospect that if they eventually join up, they would have to do what I am doing, all by themselves.

Not a difficult thing to do, but it can be scary in the beginning. And of course not everyone has the same character and ability to communicate with others, so it can seem as a complex task. That is why I started taking my sponsor with me. It shows that the prospect will also have a team member next to them, which makes them feel more secure.

5. Answer Questions At The Right Time – It is only natural that when you are showing a presentation, that people will have questions. Make it clear to them that all of their questions will be answered at the end, when the presentation has finished. A presentation by a MLM company is put together to be as informative and answer as many questions as possible to help you with your MLM recruiting. Let the presentation, whether it be a live presentation or a 15 min video, do all the work for you – that’s why it was made in the first place.

A question that I personally like to ask the most, straight after a presentation has just finished is “so what did you like the most, the products we are offering or how much money you can make from the compensation plan, or both?“ This question will guide them into saying something positive of what they just saw, and start them thinking about what they had just given you as an answer.

6. Never Chase Prospects – In other words do not show desperation!!! Like most people, I joined up my MLM company for the extra cash I could earn for the simple reason that I desperately needed it. No matter how desperate you are with money problems never pass this message on with literally begging someone to join your business plan.

If you do this whilst MLM recruiting, and in the end they do eventually sign up, it will be for all the wrong reasons, which in the long run will get both of you nowhere. I have found that by “persuading” someone to join you, it always ends up in failure. The simple reason is that you have made up their minds for them.

What you need to do is let them convince themselves that they need a change and are more than capable to be earning more money and having more free time that they already have. If you do this and keep the motivation and the momentum flowing, you have a winner, a gem in your team.

7. Be Focused – When showing your presentation make sure you are physically AND mentally present. Even though you might have seen the same presentation hundreds of times you need to stay focused and also show enthusiasm. The last thing you want to do is have your prospect watching a presentation and you are busy speaking on your phone or doing something else apart from watching the presentation with your prospect.

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