Network Marketing Facebook Tips: Recruiting Using Facebook, What Not to Do

Network Marketing Facebook Tips: Recruiting Using Facebook, What Not to Do

In this video I’m giving network marketing facebook recruiting tips. Knowing what not to do tips can sometimes be more helpful than knowing what to do to recruit on facebook. Network marketing has a stigma to it already, its really vital to bring professionalism in your recruiting.

I’ve found that people are not turned off by mlm but by Network MarketERS. keyword there.

Want to Learn More? Avoid being put in the “No Friends Left Club” Here is more training on facebook

Everyone tends to give facebook recruiting tips on what to do. How about we learn from my mistakes and now know what NOT to do to recruit in network marketing on facebook.

Avoid facebook bans and facebook jail by learning more from this video

  1. Jane Midkiff Joseph, 22 October, 2016

    Thanks for sharing this information. Just started in a new business which uses face book a lot. This was great information.

  2. Anabela Gustafsen, 22 October, 2016

    Great video Ron!

  3. Trish Thompson, 22 October, 2016

    I wish I had watched this last week, I have just started out and in week two I did a BIG NO NO on facebook :/ I feel like an idiot but I will learn from this! Thank you, I am going to watch another of your videos now :)

  4. Shirley Dillmann, 22 October, 2016

    Great video and very good info but I question being able to connect in any meaningful way with 5 people and only spending 10 to 20 minutes I think it will require more time but worth it for sure 

  5. James Lawrence, 22 October, 2016

    Yeah I thought this is great I've just started MLM and luckily I've not done any of the above it just seems tacky lol but great info to pass on to my team 

  6. Bern Mac, 22 October, 2016

    Thanks sir Ron… I love watching your trainings..

    Bernz / Pearl, Philippines

  7. Lawrence M Aeshliman, 22 October, 2016

    Thank You Ron! This is great info , will apply immediately.

  8. Al & Tarcha Wilson, 22 October, 2016

    Love your Simplicity! I have tried tips drom your other video. Its working! I have connected with my first person. Still haven't mentioned the business. Did everything you said. And I have the contact number, too. Thank you. This is gonna change my life.

  9. Sara Ladd, 22 October, 2016

    Great tips, Ron. Thank you!

  10. D Bieksa, 22 October, 2016

    Thanks for the tips Ron. I am new to trying to market on facebook so i am trying to learn as much about it as i can. I really like your video. It has a lot of common sense. I can't stand it when people make false claims or lie either. So i thought you had a lot of good advice.

  11. Mandi ReAnne, 22 October, 2016

    What company are you in? 

  12. Mandi ReAnne, 22 October, 2016

    Thanks very much! I love this. Im going to share this with my team. 

  13. Raffy Radan, 22 October, 2016

    thanks Ron…

  14. Ron Gelok, 22 October, 2016

    happy to help 

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