Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014

2014 was the year of many wonderful things for Taylor and her fans. Shortly after the massively success release of 1989, fans on social media began to experience another phenomenon. After…

  1. Taylor Swift, 05 January, 2015

    I experienced so many moments of true love this year, and all of them were
    with you.
    Here’s to more magic in 2015.

  2. Emily Horan, 05 January, 2015

    shes the best human being ever lived and best human being i’ve ever known +Taylor
    Swift 13 

    Well in the celebrity world 

  3. Joe Black, 05 January, 2015

    I’m not going to get any love for this post but yes I cried too, not for
    reasons you might think. I lament for teens that in this day and age have
    little else to live for but a popstar.

    Taylor won’t be there for you in your hour of need, friends and family
    will. America idolizes the wrong people, for this I cry.

    No disrespect to Swift she is probably a superb human being.

  4. Roberto Casuccio, 05 January, 2015

    Taylor you deserve all the success that you are getting..
    You are really talented, and i’m sure the next year is gonna be amazing :)
    Btw i’m roberto from italy, and my dream is become a singer :D
    I’ll really appreciate if you check out my covers on my channel (if you
    want) :D 

  5. Loviekinz, 05 January, 2015

    I am a fan, but not in the “OMG IT’S A PRESENT FROM TAYLOR SWIFT” *Cries* –
    I am a fan in the more realistic way. Would I ever meet Taylor? No. But the
    music sings to my soul. Sometimes I find different songs relate to me,
    based on my mood. I battle social anxiety, and sometimes feel pretty down.
    “Love Story” gives me the same feeling as watching a happily ever after
    movie. Gives me happiness and hope. “White Horse” is my favourite when I
    feel depressed/unhappy with relationship. “Blank Space” has become my
    fun/dance song. I love almost all of Taylor Swift songs, not because OMG
    IT’S TAYLOR SWIFT….but the lyrics, some are so deep & meaningful, and
    other songs are just ‘fun’. I just hope she keeps making music to be
    enjoyed, very talented.

  6. Taylor Swift 13, 05 January, 2015


  7. Orlando S, 05 January, 2015

    who is that blonde skinny woman ??? why so many views?? is she a
    celebrities from the u.s.a ???

  8. Angelocracy News and Politics, 05 January, 2015

    I bet this was all a publicity stunt that her pr team thought of. In real
    life I bet she is a cold hearted evil person that tortures small animals.

  9. Vy Nguyen, 05 January, 2015

    Taylor is one smart business women and she truly truly knows her market I
    mean fans. Ops silly me. How much did Fed Ex pay for this? 

  10. primalaggression, 05 January, 2015


  11. Soe lin, 05 January, 2015

    Why yall crying it’s just taylor swift nothin special, I get presents from
    her every Christmas, nothing to cry about, pussy cat

  12. DIGIpixel, 06 January, 2015

    That was one of the most heart warming things I have ever seen. I swear
    Taylor Swift is the only singer to ever do this. Lots of love Taylor~

  13. safiah nabella, 06 January, 2015

    This is beautiful. She is beautiful. I’m not a fan but I don’t see any
    reason for hating her, not even a bit. :)

  14. Erika Fosberg, 06 January, 2015

    This is awessome!!

  15. Manfred Bismark, 06 January, 2015

    Hello, nice USA girl. With beautiful blue eyes. Makes a great jump to

  16. The cosmics, 06 January, 2015

    Taylor Swift is soooooo nice and I don’t know why some people hate on her. :)

    P.S I am big fan and 1989 is awesome.

  17. RGLover641, 06 January, 2015

    So beautiful <3 She is an angel on earth :)

  18. James Ryl, 06 January, 2015

    I wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan based on the fact I don’t listen to
    much of your style of music. However watching what you have done for your
    fans is heart warming. The impression you have left with these people is
    nothing but inspiring. It speaks volumes about your character and how your
    morals and values haven’t gotten lost with fame and fortune. The world
    would truly be a better place if more people in your position expressed the
    same compassion as you, All the best in the new year, you truly deserve

  19. Bridgit Chen, 06 January, 2015

    Notice how she didn’t give gifts to a single person of color. 

  20. ben-t, 06 January, 2015

    Why are they hysterically crying?

  21. Jennifer Dao-Nguyen, 06 January, 2015

    Aw this is really sweet. TS the real MVP

  22. Arya Starkou, 06 January, 2015

    My ass is much more beautiful than you lmaooooo.

  23. Count Duku, 06 January, 2015

    T swift, so darn beautiful. One day, you’ll write a song about how you fell
    in love with me. Till then, have a great day!

  24. Fikri nabil, 06 January, 2015

    where is for the boys?? 

  25. Luca Anamaria, 06 January, 2015

    This is so beautiful and heart-warming. :-)

  26. Avril M., 06 January, 2015

    i feel so jealous, sometimes i wish i could go to US just to see you. was
    not able to watch your show here in the Philippines due to pregnancy issues
    (I am 8mos pregnant when you held your concert). when i was pregnant i
    really like to hear your songs and watching your video. now, my baby can’t
    sleep without me playing your songs. she’s a total swifty at a very young
    age, her name is Kia she’s 5mos old. I hope to see you in person and in
    action. iloveyou Tay! :)

  27. Andrew DeLong, 06 January, 2015

    Taylor, this truly is an amazing thing you did. Thank you for continuing to
    be an inspiration to all of your fans, friends, and family. Acts of
    kindness like these are absolutely important these days. With all of my
    heart, thank you, you truly are a beautiful human being and you make all of
    us proud of you. Happy Holidays!

  28. Stephen Bittrich, 06 January, 2015

    That was sure fun to see. I’ve read a few of the comments, and while it
    certainly does double as good publicity, it’s just an awesome, kind gesture
    whatever the motivation. I’m sure there are many moments where Taylor
    acknowledges her fans that are not recorded in some way. But I’m glad this
    was because I found it entertaining and heartwarming. Decided to put my
    cynicism aside for the moment. :) Go Taylor!

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